In less than a decade he began his career as a movie director, talented film director, Okiki Afolayan, who is currently the hottest among his counterparts has been a force to reckon with.

The Kwara State-born movie director cum producer, have so many things working for him in the industry. Away from producing, he has also been putting in his best not to only discover new talents but to also make sure that he pushes their brand to stardom.

That is not even the story for today. The gist you are about to read now, is how Nollywood movie producers took his full name as movie title for their new flicks.

The first name which was taken for a movie production is Okiki. A new movie produced by promising actor, Olasunkanmi Akanni Olohuniyo. Coincidentally, another star in the industry, Opeyemi Ayeola picked His surname Afolayan as a title for her new movie. Okiki Afolayan are the two new movies you probably need to watch. It will also interest you to know that these 2 blockbuster movies were directed by Okiki Afolayan.

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